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Data has become a source of competitive advantage in all industries, because when it is used well it can unlock tremendous business value. As computing power and data storage get cheaper, businesses are collecting ever more data about their customers and business operations. Unfortunately, many companies struggle to make sense of their data and most data analysis projects fail or underdeliver.

My job is to unlock the value of data and make sure that data analysis projects deliver great results. I lead data governance and data management efforts to ensure that important information is centralized, reliable, and available. I also manage data analysis projects, with a focus on maintaining a clear line of sight between key business decisions and details of data analysis. I'm currently writing a book that presents a methodology for managing data analysis projects (to be published by Elsevier later this year).

Business stakeholders and technical staff often think and communicate differently, which can lead to misunderstandings that cause project delays and cost overruns. In addition to my work with data, I help clients optimize their use of technology. I create technology strategy recommendations based on high-level business goals, making sure that technology choices are driven by clear business needs. I also translate business priorities and complex business processes into detailed developer requirements that improve communication and collaboration between the two sides, and allow technology projects to run smoothly.

My clients include TD Ameritrade, Bridgestone Firestone, Deutsche Bank, Franklin Mint, Meridian Capital, CFNA, and others.

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